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In the primeval forest, everything is left to nature and its laws. Birth, life, death, and rebirth – the everlasting cycle of life occurs without human intervention and disruption of the course of nature.

Strict Nature Reserve

zelengora - orlovacko jezero-min

Zelengora is an immense expanse, interspersed with green forests and even greener meadows and pastures. The particular charms of Zelengora are its ‘mountain eyes’ – clear glacial lakes in which mountain peaks covered with snow are reflected.

The most beautiful ornament and pride of the green mountain

Mystical and cruel, giant Maglić is draped in fog, after which it was named. It is a favorite destination for mountain climbers and adventurers. 

The highest point in our country

planina zelengora - orlovacko jezero

Because of its morphology, the massif of Zelengora represents a natural fortress, situated between Herzegovina and Bosnia, with high cliffs and steep slopes covered with dense forests, surrounded by deep canyons of wild rivers, and intersected by cold streams. It hides and protects rare entrances to the gentle expanse of the green mountain. It has been a foremother and shelter to all the nations in this part of the Balkans. 

A gentle green mountain, home to wolves and lambs

planina volujak - zelengora - np sutjeska

The slopes dropping steeply towards the Sutjeska Canyon are home to many wild animals, while the southern and western slopes of this magnificent giant are covered with pastures that are grazed by domestic animals.

A solitary boundary with peaks over 2000 mamsl

trnovacko jezero - np sutjeska

It is a glacial lake, with clear, emerald green water, surrounded by a range of high mountains. It is a piece of heaven on earth!

Heart-shaped lake surrounded by mountains

The Tara and Piva rivers converge and create the Drina. All three rivers together with the river Sutjeska, the right tributary of the Drina, make a geographic entity of extraordinary natural values, where two national parks and one nature park are located. The Tara Canyon is the deepest in Europe, and it is under the protection of UNESCO because of its uniqueness and beauty.

Three wild rivers merged into one

The Sutjeska meanders through the mighty canyon, carving stone cliffs, takes a rest in outlets, and continues to churn and roar, hurrying to meet the Drina. On this short journey, it is joined by numerous small rivers and streams, which flow down steeply from the foothills of Maglić, Volujak, and Zelengora.

Sutjeska or a gorge, a narrow and deep valley with steep, rocky sides


It is possible to visit Tođevac as part of the cultural heritage tour or after the activity of canyoning, which ends by coming out of the Hrčavka Canyon – below the remains of this town, which used to be an important fortified town.

Attractive canyoning as well as cultural heritage

Even though it is placed at a relatively low elevation, Tjentište is characterized by cool summers, and it is especially pleasant at night when the cold air from the surrounding mountains fills the valley.

In the former SFRY, Tjentište had more than a million visits a year.

nacionalni park sutjeska - tjentiste spomenik

We can learn about nature in various ways – from books, travelogues, and movies, but when we expose ourselves to nature, that is when it teaches us…

From Roman Tentorium to the Valley of Heroes