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Fishing in National Park Sutjeska is an unforgettable experience for all fishermen and nature lovers. If you are a fan of spin fishing or fly fishing, crystal clear rivers Sutjeska and Hrčavka or Lake Donje Bare are great places for you to practice. Fish stock: brown trout, grayling, and rainbow trout guarantee you an exciting day of fishing. Beauty and crystal clear waters of glacial lakes on mountain Zelengora and of the mountain rivers Sutjeska and Hrčavka invite fishermen to their shores and banks. When you take a look at the nature surrounding the canyons of Sutjeska and Hrčavka and the lakes of Zelengora, it is no wonder that fishing in National Park is called ‘’Fishing in heaven’’.

Visitors who went fishing at some of the locations within the Park agree that it is very easy to hook a fish here, but it is even easier to get hooked on fishing. Fishing in the Park is strictly controlled by park rangers, and it is very important to contact the National Park Service that regulates fishing before you go fishing, as the number of permits they issue is limited. Fishing is strictly forbidden in places marked as Plodište (spawning ground)!

Price of daily permit: €10

* Feel free to contact us for more information, information about booking, and a discount for bigger groups