Lakes of Zelengora – Hiking

jezera zelengore planinarenje - izleti

Lakes of Zelengora – Hiking

Zelengora is known as the queen of mountains, a natural jewel of the Balkans. Part of its massif forms the left part of National Park Sutjeska. It is known for the large number of glacial lakes. The most well-known ones are: Kotlaničko LakeOrlovačko LakeŠtirinsko LakeBorilovačko LakeLake Donje Bare, Lake Gornje BareCrno jezero (Black Lake), and Bijelo jezero (White Lake). Zelengora is famous for hiking, photography, canyoning on the river Hrčavka or even for camping near one of its lakes. Each of the lakes is unique and special in its own way. Some of them are ideal for swimming, and others are perfect for watching. The largest populations of big game animals that we often meet on our trips are found in this part of NP Sutjeska. We can see diverse flora, as well.
Out of many trails and tours on Zelengora, this tour is the most complete one because it includes visiting four lakes of Zelengora (Kotlaničko Lake, Štirinsko LakeBorilovačko Lake, Orlovačko Lake) in a one-day hiking adventure. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the best hiking tour on Zelengora and perhaps in the whole NP Sutjeska.


9-10 hours (5-6 hours of hiking)

Physical rating:


Group size:

4+ people

Age range:

12 - 50

Time of year:

June - November


Serbian and English


The trip usually starts in the morning by gathering in front of the hotel Mladost or the restaurant Komlen from where we go to the starting point – Borovno brdo (1720 mamsl) by an off-road vehicle, which lasts for 1,5 to 2 hours. Upon arrival at the starting point, after we take a look around and after a short preparation, we head towards Kotlaničko Lake (1528 mamsl). This is the easiest part of the whole route because we walk on the flat terrain except for the part of the route when we approach the lake, which is a little steep. After one hour of hiking, we come to a beautiful place, hidden from the view – a lake that is captivating and perfect for taking a swim before we continue with our adventure. We take a half an hour break here and then we set off to Štirinsko Lake (1672 mamsl). We come to the biggest lake on Zelengora in an hour. On its shores, we find a necropolis of tombstones called stećci, whose mystic past makes us think. We take a second break here, to have a snack or take a swim. We continue with our trip descending a gully towards the forested part of the mountain. After an hour and a half of hiking we come to the only artificial lake on Zelengora – Borilovačko Lake (1550 mamsl). We take a 30-minute break here after which we head towards Orlovačko Lake (1438 mamsl). This is where we take the last break and we can refresh ourselves in the lake or have a rest on the lake shore. After the break, we take a walk to the vehicle which takes us back to Tjentište.

What to bring:

Hiking clothes and shoes, warm clothes in case the weather is cold, a water bottle, and snacks to eat on a break at the top and by the lake. You can bring hiking poles (optional). From May to June it is recommended that you take a mosquito repellent and a sunscreen.

The price includes:

Local transportation, a licensed guide, and tours listed in the description.

The price does not include:

Entrance fee to National Park Sutjeska: 10 KM per person.

Tour price: €59 per person

* Feel free to contact us for more information, information about booking, and a discount for bigger groups