Mountain Maglić

Mountain Maglić

The highest point in our country

When the father of national parks John Muir said ‘the mountains are calling and I must go,’ his words went down in history as a motto of passionate climbers. As an advocate of wildlife conservation, Moore helped establish the famous Yosemite National Park and would probably have supported the preservation of Sutjeska National Park, called the European Yosemite, if he had had the opportunity to visit it. While Yosemite has been crowded with tourists since Moore’s time, our Yosemite has remained hidden in its loneliness and majesty.

Mystical and cruel, giant Maglić is draped in fog, after which it was named (magla=fog). You can expect fog on this Dinaric mountain throughout the year, often on Prijevor plateau, which is the starting point of the ascent to Maglić at an elevation of 1,668 meters above sea level. However, in beautiful weather during the summer tourist season, when this giant turns into a benevolent and generous mountain, hundreds of nature lovers, mountaineers, and adventurers set out on a hike to its peaks. Climbing the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2,386 mamsl) is certainly challenging. Breaking through to Maglić's ridge, however, is worth the view which, together with a feeling of victory leaves a strong impression on a person. After conquering the summit, what you see is a breathtaking sight which makes the last trace of tiredness, caused by several hours of climbing, disappear. The views of the surrounding mountains (Volujak, Bioč, Zelengora, Trnovački Durmitor) are spectacular. Heart-shaped lake – Trnovačko Lake is truly an unforgettable experience and is worth the effort.

A breathtaking view – a mountain that conquers you!

Two main trails start at Prijevor and Lokva Dernečište, while the third popular trail starts at Trnovačko Lake.  The trail from Prijevor is both the shortest and the most demanding way to the top of Maglić. It is an alpine trail, difficult and steep, and during the ascent, the climbers are in direct contact with the ecosystem of scree and cracks in the rocks. Do not climb if there is a possibility of a storm or a thunderstorm! The second trail, whose starting point Lokva Dernečište is located on Vučevo plateau, is safer and less technically demanding, as well as the third trail, which starts at Trnovačko Lake. All three trails are equally attractive and have their own perspectives with the views of many surrounding mountains and peaks, so it is up to you to choose one of them according to your hiking abilities.

The magnificent giant abounding in steep, harsh cliffs is, even in the summer months, sprinkled with snow that never melts. Maglić, covered with beech and coniferous forest, is made of Permian rocks, Mesozoic limestone, diabase, and melaphyre, and glacial traces are also seen. The upper forest border is at about 1,600 mamsl, and above it is a plateau with pastures and many ridges and hills. The foot of the mountain and all the slopes are rich in water, numerous springs, and the most well-known one is Carev Do, which is famous for never drying up, regardless of the weather. The canyon of the river Sutjeska separates Maglić from Zelengora, a green mountain range covered with vast pastures. Enjoy the view!