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Horse riding on Zelengora

jahanje - np sutjeska

Horse riding on Zelengora

The opportunity to visit mountain Zelengora and other parts of National Park Sutjeska on the back of an autochthonous horse breed – Bosnian Mountain Horse is ideal for beginners, family trips, but also for experienced horse riders. Visiting the village of Vrbnica, vast valley Pašna Poljana or an all-day horse riding on terrain and visiting some of the lakes on Zelengora are just some of our offers. Winston Churchill once said: ‘’No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle’’ – especially if you ride a horse on Zelengora. From time immemorial, people in this area have had a strong connection with horses, first through work and daily use before machines were invented, then during times of war, and as a means of transportation before the invention of a car. If you want to experience horse riding on caravan routes that connected Rome with the rest of the empire, Dubrovnik with Bosnia and Serbia, the East with the West, this is an ideal opportunity for you. A special kind of enjoyment is riding the autochthonous horse breed, which is considered to have originated on the pastures of mountain Zelengora and has survived to this day with the help of a man. For beginners and family tours, we recommend riding on a site in the village of Vrbnica, and for those who have experience in riding, we offer the possibility of creating a custom program.


4-5 hours (2-3 hours of the activity)

Physical rating:


Group size:

2+ people

Age range:


Time of year:

April - November


Serbian and English

The staff of National Park Sutjeska will transport you by vehicles to the village of Vrbnica, where the horses are. Here you will get the necessary equipment and meet the guide. Before the activity of riding, the guide will instruct you on the basics of riding (if you are a beginner) and on safety procedures. First, you will ride in the designated area so that the guide can assess your riding ability. After the end of the riding trip, our staff will take you back to Tjentište.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes or sports clothes suitable for the weather conditions, a hat.

The price includes:

Local transportation, a licensed guide, and the activity of riding.

The price does not include:

Entrance fee to National Park Sutjeska: 10 KM per person

Tour price: €50 per person

* Feel free to contact us for more information, information about booking, and a discount for bigger groups.