Kayaking on the river Drina

Kayaking on the river Drina

One of the best ways to get to know the river Drina and its upper reach are kayak/canoe tours. Exploring hidden locations on the banks of the Drina begins at the confluence of the Tara and Piva, where they form the river Drina. The rivers Tara and Piva give the Drina the characteristics of a wild mountain river making it ideal for kayaking. The river Drina is an emerald on a pearl necklace that adorns the Balkans. Because of its green color and clear water, the Drina used to be called Zelenika (zelena = green). In the course of history, the Drina has attracted the attention of many travel writers, but few of them managed to find the words to describe the beauty of its restless water. It is not uncommon for those who, while exploring the river, become fascinated with what they see, so there are more and more fishermen, rafters, and kayakers who come back here every year. This is an adventurous trip, so prior experience and skills of water competency are desirable.


5-6 hours (3-4 hours on the water)

Physical rating:


Group size:

3+ people

Age range


Time of year:

May - September


Serbian and English

If this text or the story you heard from your friends drew your attention to the river Drina, then our recommendation is a kayak/canoe tour from the place where the Drina is formed and downstream towards Foča. You can experience numerous rapids and see sandy beaches during the fourteen kilometers long descent down the river. The descent down the Drina attracts special attention during hot summer days when this river is the best refreshment.

What to bring:

Beachwear and beach footwear, warm clothes to put on after the end of the trip, and a hat.

The price includes:

Local transportation, a licensed guide, neoprene gear for water and safety on the water, kayak (canoe) rental, and insurance.

The price does not include:

Food and beverage

Tour price: €70 per person

* Feel free to contact us for more information, information about booking, and a discount for bigger groups.