Mountain Volujak

planina volujak - zelengora - np sutjeska

Mountain Volujak

A solitary boundary with peaks over 2000 mamsl

Generally speaking, the area of National Park ‘Sutjeska’ is mostly mountainous, with very prominent relief. One mountain range comes after the other in a wondrous line: Vučevo, Maglić, Volujak, Zelengora. If you set out to one of these mountain ranges, you will witness a fascinating landscape, which can be seen from some of the peaks of these mountains.

Each of the mountains of the National Park ‘Sutjeska’ is different and each is beautiful and specific in its own way. The magnificent giant abounding in steep, harsh cliffs is, even in the summer months, sprinkled with snow which never melts.

Volujak has always been a mountain boundary. The border between the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire used to run alongside its ridge. Today it is the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Volujak is part of the mountain massif Maglić-Volujak-Bioč, between the rivers Sutjeska, Drina, Piva, and Vrbnica. It stretches in a northwest-southeast direction, and it is separated from Maglić by the stream Suha in the north. The highest peaks of Volujak are Velika Vlasulja (2337 mamsl), Široka Točila (2297 mamsl), Studenac (2294 mamsl), and Previja (2273 mamsl). It is covered in beech and coniferous forest up until 1600 mamsl, above which are grasslands.

Volujak, as well as neighboring mountains Bioč, Vlasulja, and Lebršnik, are out of reach of ordinary mountaineers. Mountaineers who haven’t explored these mountains miss out on unmatched and unique natural beauty. Wherever you look, there is a new adventure, a primeval empire of boundless views and landscapes.