Rafting on the Tara and Drina

Rafting on the Tara and Drina

There are few examples where mother nature has been as generous as it was in the case of National Park Sutjeska. High mountains with glacial lakes at their foot, canyons carved out by the crystal clear rivers and vast pastures that domestic and wild animals graze on, birdsong and the scent of the essential herbs – all in the same space. We have to be honest and say there is still something that is not part of the Park, but we consider it our own and we are proud to present it – Rafting on the Tara River.
Rafting on the Tara is the activity organized in the canyon of the Tara River, less than an hour’s drive from Tjentište. The Tara River originates in the south of Montenegro, where, according to the legend, winds collide and the water is divided into two seas. It connects two national parksDurmitor, beneath which it flows, and National Park Sutjeska, from the edges of which the Tara Canyon, the deepest one in Europe, can be seen. The Tara connects the north of Montenegro and the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina; it connects towns and nations, history, and times.


6-7 hours (3-4 hours of rafting)

Physical rating:


Group size:

4+ people

Age range:


Time of year:

April - October


Serbian and English

The arrangement includes transport from National Park Sutjeska (Tjentište) to the base camp on the Tara River. All participants are given rafting equipment (neoprene suits and shoes for the activities on the water and safety equipment – a vest and a helmet). Rafting groups consist of 4 to 8 people, which is the capacity of the boats. Our next destination is the starting point of rafting, the place where you get a safety briefing and instructions on behaving on the boat. After that, it is time to embark on an adventure. People tend to describe rafting on the Tara in terms of numbers: river length of 14 kilometers and 22 river rapids, but countless unforgettable moments best describe it. Depending on the time of year, i.e. the water level of the Tara River, the descent down the river can last from 3 to 6 hours and includes taking breaks for taking photos and jumping into the water. Our adventure ends at the place where the Tara and Piva converge and create the Drina. After rafting, the participants change their clothes and eat some traditional dishes for lunch. Then they go back to National Park.

What to bring:

Beachwear and beach footwear, warm clothes to put on after coming out of the water, and a hat for protection against the sun.

Thr price includes:

Local transportation, a licensed guide, equipment rental, and insurance.

The price does not include:

Food and beverage

Tour price: €60 per person

* Feel free to contact us for more information, information about booking, and a discount for bigger groups