Tjentište – Sports and Recreation Center

In the former Yugoslavia, Tjentište had more than a million visits a year, and today it is a place for vacation, recreation, and festivals

Tjentište is nestled at the foothills of the high mountains Maglić, Volujak, and Zelengora, where the inaccessible Sutjeska Canyon stretches from. Even though the historical records of Tjentište date back to the Middle Ages, its name which has Latin origin (Tjentište – Tentorium) suggests that Tjentište had an important role since the time of the Roman Empire, when it was a caravan station. Except for being a caravan stop, Tjentište itself was a trading center and a populated place – which flourished in the period when the Kosača family ruled. Despite being a small place, Tjentište has been significant in many historical periods from the earliest times, because of its convenient strategic position. One of the periods that marked Tjentište as an important historical location is certainly the period of World War II, when the “Fifth Enemy Offensive” known as the “Battle of Sutjeska” took place in the immediate vicinity of Tjentište. In memory of the important victory of the anti-fascist forces, Memorial complex to the Battle of Sutjeska (The Valley of Heroes) was built in Tjentište with a monument as a trademark of National Park Sutjeska.

An unusual caravan from France named ‘Driving around Europe,’ which travels for 23 days and goes through 20 countries, chose Tjentište as a destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina where they have a rest and stay the night. Over 800 visitors spend the night on the sports fields, campsite, and other locations.

Omladinski kamp (Youth Camp) is located in National park ‘Sutjeska’ in Tjentište, 27 kilometers from Foča, and about 200 meters from the ‘Hotel Mladost.’ The campsite stretches along the bank of the crystal clear Sutjeska River, and the biggest outdoor swimming pool in the Balkans (16000 m2) is in the immediate vicinity. There is a cafe bar ‘Jezero’ above the swimming pool, which is available for all the visitors. For 50 years, visitors have been camping in the youth camp, which is near the M20 highway. It is a well-organized space for more than 100 tents, and staying in campers is also possible. There are two bungalows, a summer house and a barbecue shack, a fireplace, fire extinguishers, sanitary facilities with showers, and night lighting throughout the campsite. Young people like to spend time here, especially during the OK festival. It is very popular among students, and many schools organize school trips here. OK Fest is a three-day festival for young people, which is held in Tjentište every year. The main part of the festival is a diverse music program, but visitors can also enjoy a variety of entertainment and educational activities. The festival takes place in July, and it was held in 2014 for the first time. Sport and Recreation Center in Tjentište has sports fields for football, futsal, basketball, volleyball, athletics, handball, and tennis. It provides excellent conditions for sport and recreation, sport games and competitions, but also for the preparation of professional athletes.